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But there's one condition, which mainly affects women, that you rarely hear a whisper of: Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).
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during their high school years in Hanoi, but they only started dating later in Boston.

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Idk about you but I find small talk on Tinder excruciating.Vậy nhưng thật sự mà nói, có lẽ mọi người nên hiểu rằng ở nơi nào có tên Phương Châu và viết về Phương Châu thì cái tên Linh Chi không nên được xuất hiện cho dù vô tình hay hữu ý.Không nhắc đến Linh Chi, là vì nếu nhắc đến vị trí kẻ thứ ba thì bao giờ chẳng bị người ta bài xích, cho nên không muốn bàn đến làm gì.Since I’m not white (unless your vision is seriously impaired), I had to hide behind a platform that let you be whomever you want to be: Tinder.I went on Tinder to create two accounts: one as a white male (James, 24 y/o) and one as a white female (Lauren, 22 y/o). In the opinion of three Viet friends that I asked, these people are attractive but not Brad Pitt/Scarlett Johansson level of attractive. I can’t post their photos here because I need the accounts to do further research.“That’d be fun.” He responded not really knowing what that means or looks like but eagerly jumping on board as he often does when I come up with yet another lofty dream.