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Who is dating princeton from mindless behavior advice dating much older man

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Posted: , Author: Dawanur Yn: Okay, well I'mma go shower and then we are going to the teen club. Then the boys do break dances, hip hop, and step dances.

Princeton: yeah the rest of the group Me:ohh, okay! Princeton: we gonna go to the pool, its reserved only for us for the week Me: wow thats awesome Princeton: yeahh, come down when you're done changing your clothes Me: okay l took my clothes off, so l stayed in the bikini, l went down and saw MB in the pool, l was sooo excited! l called Bella to come quickly, after 15 minutes she came and we both joined the boys. all of them looked at me and greeted me and Bella, we were swimming and then Princeton swam to me Princeton: l like your bikini *he said with a smirk* Me: me too! its purple, my favourite colour Princeton: Ray Ray's favourite colour is purple Me: yeah l know *l said while smiling* after lve realised Princeton went to the rest and showed a body movement with his hands,and lve realised why he likes my bikini, naughty Prince! Says the one that just took me away from someone that I liked! When the boys started recording Prodigy was great, they all did great. Then when I finished I said, "I wanna know about y'all." They all looked at each other, nodded, and broke into song. But Ace grabbed my wrist and put my back up against the wall and said "No, you bout roll with." "Let her go, Ace." I heard a male voice say.I watched this video today with some evidence, take a look at it......could Princeton really be dating brazilliaan singer Renata miller? B and I support Renata and Princeton, I just wish they'd admit they are dating so we can all move on LOL.