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The Selangor Club met a need for a social centre as such. Occasionally it will be turned into battle ground for cricket match, just like it used to be during the colonial days.

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The whole world collectively beamed when it was discovered that Jennifer Aniston, 46 married her long-time fiancé Justin Theroux, 43 in a surprise ceremony, but the actress’ journey to true happiness has been a long one!

The whole world was in shock when Jen and Brad Pitt called time on their marriage in 2005, and as her former husband set up home with another woman we watched on and hoped that she would find her happiness again.

" He arrives in Seattle, his wife's home town, to conduct a series of expensive seminars on the subject, and his agent, Lane, DAN FOGLER, hopes he can sign a lucrative deal.

But Burke becomes distracted by the presence of florist Eloise, JENNIFER ANISTON.

Burke is a motivational speaker whose book about dealing with grief is a best seller. He's in Seattle to lead a week-long workshop on healing and to negotiate a major multi-media deal.

But something's amiss: he's a closet drinker, he won't ride elevators, his moods swing, he's estranged from his wife's father, and he's very much alone.

I’ve read some interviews with her where she seems cool, but she just kind of seems “meh”.

Apparently, Aaron Eckhart did not appreciate Molly’s big mouth (once again, she said “Aaron’s a great guy! He’s so closed off from the world,” says the source. Besides, she feels she deserves a guy who isn’t afraid to tell the world they’re in love!

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(The last name "Ross," presumably, was deemed too obvious.) Aaron Eckhart is the soap­operatically named Dr. Ryan's wife died three years ago, and now he travels the country counseling large groups of mourners for a few days at a time.MARTIN SHEEN is shallow and bombastic as Burke's hostile father-in-law, and it's left to the minor characters to provide something interesting - which Judy Greer, as Eloise's friend and employee, and John Carroll Lynch, as a bereaved and reluctant seminar member, just about manage to do. I think it's a film about grief and I think it's about this guy... MARGARET: I don't think it even gets on that level, no. A scene involving a pet cockatoo is particularly uninspiring. I mean, it's sort of got that little hint of a subtext, and it's more than a hint, I guess, and it's a shame that it isn't more that, because Jennifer Aniston - there's something really appealing about her on screen. MARGARET: ..I think he's got to just up the ante on his writing. A few weeks ago, I read that Molly Sims and Aaron Eckhart were dating. I think I even read it in this Fox News 411 story, where Molly confirmed their couple status by nodding her head and saying “Aaron’s a great guy! Anyway, we didn’t report it because who really cares, right? His receding hairline bothers me a little, but I like that he hasn’t gone for a bad rug or plugs (cough cough Piven cough). He's persistent and they eventually go to dinner - it goes badly. Her face is never seen during the scenes depicting Seattle landmarks, a body double (who always faced away from the camera) was used instead.